The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 6 & 16 oz. Pack


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Take a little bit of the Menthol and add a little of of the Gold flavors and you get Menthol Gold. There, now you know the secret. All humor aside, this is a perfectly blended tobacco if you’re looking for something a bit less robust and bold. This particular flavor is smoother than its greener counterpart, but just as fulfilling. Perfect for a less serious menthol smoker, or someone just starting out with pipe tobaccos. This tobacco is one of the best selling brands on the market for a reason; it’s outstanding. Evenly cut with a consistent feel, each bag is carefully sealed to minimize shake.

Manufactured by RSB Tobacco, Inc in North Carolina, Good Stuff Tobacco comes in a variety of flavors and sizes for every type of buyer. Whether you are a fan of menthol or natural flavors, there is a Good Stuff tobacco for you. Packed in convenient sizes, you simply can not go wrong.

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